Face to face Counselling 

Face-to-face counselling enables you to talk in a safe space, away from your day-to-day environment. It is the traditional way of having counselling. It can be helpful for those who feel they need to have space away from home in a safe private environment.

Telephone Counselling 

Telephone counselling enables support when face-to-face or online counselling are not always feasible, as long as you have access to a phone with a good connection and a safe private space .It can be especially helpful to people with accessibility issues.

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Online Counselling 

Online counselling takes place via video call, it allows you to talk from a place that suits you. It is suitable for people who are comfortable using technology and who want greater flexibility and convenience about where the sessions are held. It is very useful useful for people who struggle to leave their own environment or have difficulties travelling.

I use Zoom to run my online sessions which can be easily downloaded it is a secure encrypted service maintaining privacy.